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The head of Sana University “Al-Qasim” visits the Gender Center and announces his support for the academic programs and development projects

Dr.. Saleh Hamid
 Dr. Al-Qassim, the head  of  Sana’a University  , visited Gender development   Research and Studies Center on Monday 17 th June 2019.  He met the Center’s leadership represented by Dr. Halima Jahaf, Director of the Center, Dr. Saleh Hameed the Deputy Director of the Center, teaching Staff in addition to the administrative staff of the center.
During the meeting, Dr. Jahaf, Director of the Center, welcomed Dr. Al-Qasim, thanked him for his tangible efforts which resulted in his success within a short period of his tenure as president of Sana’a University. The most prominent of this success   are the field visits to colleges, scientific and research centers, working on solving the academic and administrative problems.
 In the meeting also, they discussed the obstacles and problems  that  face the Center in the current period as a result of preceded  accumulations, like the academic problems that accompanied the students in the stages of supervision  since 9 years ago and the excessive centralization, which represented an obstacle to the streamlined  decisions, especially that the Center signed   agreements and  protocols with counterpart universities and centers  in  the training and academic  field  and its  commitments to  implement several projects.
After hearing ,the president of the University for most of the problems raised by the center’s academics and administrators, he noted that the center is one of the most important centers that will support the university through the funded projects that will be implemented under the supervision of the university leadership,  considering that the visions, provided by the leadership of the Center will be welcomed and activated and he will be instrumental in  supporting the Center in all its international academic programs  and development that  aim to create development in the society represented by the international development programs and gender in both Arabic and English languages, because it is considered a new academic pillar in a qualitative field  the country needs it.
He stressed the necessity on correcting the situation of the development program by taking care of the academic contenst of the academic sections , in which its contents must reflect the development aspect of the country and our needs from the vision, mission and goals of the university, considering academics as the cornerstone in this regard.
  Then the Al,Qasim  toured the building, noting the most important achievements under the new leadership. The most important of which are the installation of conference and discussion rooms  and symposia provided by audio cutters and audio-visual screens. In addition to protecting the building with an iron curtain from the outside, the contents of the new Master’s Program for International Development were also reviewed in Arabic, which was described by specialists in the field of gender in accordance with the legal requirements for the opening of academic programs. He was shown the contents of the Center’s library which is considered as academic extension for all visitors from different faculties of the university, as well as visitors from different Yemeni universities because of their association with international universities and its excellent content of knowledge
At the end of the meeting, Al-Qasim  thanked the leadership of the Center, which worked according to strategic planning in a short period and began to address the imbalance radically.
It is worthy to  mention that this visit represents a distinguished academic gesture by the head of the University  and motivates the academic and administrative staff of the center to exert more efforts in implementing development projects within the community.