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About the library

Welcome to the of GDRSC’s library web page which provides information about library resources and services, and links to electronic resources that might be useful to the library users. The library of GDRSC was established in cooperation with KVINFO and anticipated to be a research library for affiliated graduate students and academic staff in particular, academics in general, and research community at Sana’a University and others.

The library collection covers different types of material such as books, periodicals, researches and grey material in the area of women and development in Yemen, the Arab world and other parts of the world. The automated library system provides an online catalogue that can be accessed to search among library holdings available both in English and Arabic in the library OPAC. There is a wealth of material to support learning and research, both print and electronic. Many resources are accessible from off-campus via the internet.


To serve, in best possible way, the information needs on gender and development research of GDRSC staff and students, for all staff and students at Sana’a University and for governmental organizations, NGOs and international development organizations in Yemen.


To be a perfessional Arab and English language research library on gender and development.

Admission to the Library, Registration

Admission to the Library is conditional on observance of its Rules and Regulations. All readers are presumed to know these Rules and Regulations, which may be viewed via the web page and of which copies may be obtained at the Library counters.
All members of the Library staffs are empowered to enforce the Rules and Regulations.The Library provides: Library database: The library provides a library database in which the library collections are registered. Reading room: Users are welcome to read the materials in the library in the reading room. Computers: Users are welcome to use the computers in the library for purposes that fits within the field of the library. Reference service: Librarians will help users to access the relevant information and to find references for concrete information needs. Printing service: the cost is YR10 per page. Photo copy service: the cost is YR10 per page.

These Rules and Regulations are subjected to change from time to time.
All users who wish to use borrowing services must register with the Library.
The Library is open to all persons in the following categories:
Borrowers and users who are not staff, employees or students in GDRSC can borrow items inside the library ONLY.
Academic staff, graduate students, and employees of the GDRSC have access to the full range of library services, including borrowing privileges and the use of electronic resources.
To have access to the Library, the registration is necessary. Registration requires valid proof of identification, such as: identity card or passport. By registering, users accept the Library’s Rules and Regulations and assure to respect them. Registration is valid for one year and may be renewed after that period. The Library runs a register of users with all necessary personal data.
Registered users of the Library consent to the processing of their personal data for the purposes of administrating their membership.
It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that changes of address (or other personal information required) are notified to the Library.
The Library will where possible send notices to its users by e-mail, including overdue notices for books on loan, to the user’s address known to the Library.
Library notices will be sent by e-mail to GDRSC staff, employees and students. Failure to receive e-mail notices will not invalidate any subsequent proceedings or action.
No user will be permitted to borrow books before completing the authorized Library registration procedure, which includes signing to the Library.

Download User Declaration Form (doc)

Borrower’s card

This card must be carried whenever visiting the Library and must be produced in order to borrow items. The Library has a controlled entry system, so it is necessary to bring the card each time.
Library card is not required when returning books.

  • Only the person named on a card may use it. The card may not be lent to anyone else, nor used to admit anyone else. The loss of a card should be reported to the Library immediately. Users will be responsible for any books borrowed on a lost card before such notification is made.
  • For members of GDRSC, both students and staff, the validity of the card as a borrower’s card is limited to a twelve-month period and it is necessary to renew it.
  • To borrow from the Library, the user needs to become an external registered borrower. Registration requires valid proof of identification, such as: identity card or passport. By registering as a borrower, users accept the Library’s Rules and Regulations and assure to respect them. Registration is valid for twelve months and may be renewed after that period.

A charge will be made for the replacement of lost or damaged external borrower’s card.

Borrowing, Recall and Return of Books on Loan

Only books can be borrowed outside the library. All other Periodicals, theses, dissertations, reference books, rare books and archives are not available for loan: they are for internal borrowing ONLY.

Material belonging to the Library may not be removed without being properly issued for loan.

Borrowers are responsible for all loans made with their card.

Any user may check the Library records online using the Library Catalogue (OPAC) .

Books on loan are for the personal use of the borrower only, and must not be passed on to any person, whether entitled to use the Library or not.

A charge will be made for items lost or badly damaged while on loan.

Borrowers should not exceed their loan allowances. Loan periods depend on the category of borrower.

Loans should be returned by the date due. Items may be renewed, if not required by another reader, either in person, by e-mail, or phone. No item which is reserved by another borrower can be renewed.

The Library may at any time require the immediate return of a book required by another reader.

The latest date on which books should be returned will be advised at the time of loan or renewal – although the due date remains subject to earlier recall.

Items should be returned during serviced hours on the due date stated.

The due date is the date displayed to a borrower during the issue or renewal process, or any other date subsequently notified to the reader by the Librarian.

To help users manage their loans, the Library sends the user a reminder notice shortly before a loan is due to be returned. The notices are sent by e-mail to the account is given. The Library cannot guarantee receiving these notices, so the user should not rely on them to be reminded when his loans are due for return.

Users are responsible for returning or renewing their loans on time and non-receipt of a notice is not an acceptable reason to dispute any fines that may incur.

Opening Hours, Location: Circulation Department

  • Saturday: 9:00–13:00
  • Sunday: 8:30–13:30
  • Monday: 8:00–13:30
  • Tuesday: 8:00–13:30
  • Wednesday: 8:00–13:30
  • Thursday: 8:00–13:30

Library Rules and Regulations

  • Academic faculty members of GDRSC, and colleges or centers at Sana'a University.
  • MA students of GDRSC, graduate and postgraduate students of centers and colleges at Sana’a University.
  • Bachelor Students at Sana'a University.
  • Researchers from inside and outside Sana'a University. Staff and employees of GDRSC.

Fines and Fees

  • Charges for overdue items (fines)
  • Overdue items incur fines for late return.
  • Charges: YR 50 per each day for overdue per item.
  • Charge for the last overdue day: YR 150.

Fines must be paid in person at the circulation desk by cash promptly.

Fines and Charges

  • Three overdue notices should be sent out to remind users that their item(s) is/are overdue.
  • All overdue items are subject to fines at the currently prescribed rates.
  • Borrowers who owe fines will not be allowed further borrowing until the fine is paid.
  • Failure to pay fines or to return books after the last overdue notice sent to the borrower, will lead to recovery of the sum at a rate determined by the Librarian covering the full cost of its replacement including all administrative costs as well as any other services cost for the last overdue notice.
  • The borrower receives a copy of a notice sent by the Library. If the item is returned at this stage, the replacement charge will be waived but the administrative charge and the accrued fine will remain payable.
  • Any borrower may be required to pay for the replacement of any book for the lost or damaged beyond repair while on loan or being used by the borrower, or which is not returned after being recalled by the Librarian and to pay such compensation as shall be fixed by the Librarian for any damage or defacement sustained by a book while on loan or being used by the borrower. The replacement charge includes an element to cover administrative costs.
  • Lost books are normally charged at the current replacement price.

Fines or charges may be waived or varied at the Librarian’s discretion if the circumstances warrant such action

Lost books

The replacement charge for a book or other loan item is the original cost of it plus an administrative fee of YR 200.

Replacement of library card For the replacement of the library card (lost or damaged) we charge YR 250.


  • Borrower’s card for users: YR500
  • Annual registration fee: Free.
  • Guest access: Free.
  • Printing: YR 10 per page.

Photo copy: YR 10 per page.


If all loan copies of an item are unavailable it is possible to place a hold on (reserve) the next available copy using the Library catalogue. Alternatively, the user may ask staff at the circulation desk to place the hold for him.

When a copy is ready to collect, the Library sends a notice by e-mail to the user, if the e-mail address is on his Library record. Reserved copy is held at the circulation desk for one week. Reserved books are held at their home library.

User Declaration Form

File name : User Declaration Form
Language: English