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New Books for the GDRSC Library


New Books for the GDRSC Library

1.      Carter, J. (2014): A call to action. Women, religion, violence, and power. New York.

2.      Davies, L. (2004): Education and conflict. Complexity and chaos, Abingdon.

3.      French, M. (1992): The war against women, New York.

4.      Funk, N.C. / Said, A.A.: Islam and peacemaking in the Middle East, Boulder.

5.      Lederach, J.P. (1997): Building peace. Sustainable reconciliation in divided societies, Washington D.C.

6.      Mac Ginty, R. (2011): International peacebuilding and local resistance. Hybrid forms of peace, London.

7.      Paffenholz, T./Reychler, L. (2007): Aid for Peace, Baden-Baden.

8.      Richmond, O.P.. (2008): Peace in international relations, Abingdon.