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New books for the GDRSC library


New books for GDRSC library : 

  • Blumi, Isa (2011): Chaos in Yemen. Societal collapse and the new authoritarianism. New York [u.a.]: Routledge.
  • Bonnefoy, Laurent (2011): Salafism in Yemen: Transnationalism and religious identity. London: Hurst.
  • Brehony, Noel (Hg.) (2015): Rebuilding Yemen: Political, economic and social challenges. Berlin: Gerlach Press.
  • Carapico, Sheila (1998): Civil society in the Yemen: The political economy of activism in modern Arabia.
  • Day, Stephen W. (2012): Regionalism and rebellion in Yemen: A troubled national union. Cambridge [u.a.]: Cambridge Univ. Press.
  • Dresch, Paul (1993): Tribes, government, and history in Yemen. Oxford [u.a.]: Clarendon Press.
  • Dresch, Paul (2000): A history of modern Yemen. Cambridge [u.a.]: Cambridge Univ. Press.
  • Gatter, Peer (2012): Politics of Qat. The role of a drug in ruling Yemen. Wiesbaden: Reichert.
  • Lackner, Helen (Hg.) (2014): Why Yemen matters: A society in transition. London: Saqi Books.
  • MacGinty, Roger; Williams, Andrew (2009): Conflict and development. London: Routledge.
  • Mahdi, Kamil A.; Würth, Anna, Lackner, Helen (Hg.) (2007): Yemen into the twenty-first century: Continuity and change
  • Mosse, David; Lewis, David (Hg.) (2005): The aid effect: Giving and governing in international development. London: Pluto Press.
  • Parpart, Jane L., Zalewski, Marysia (2011): Rethinking the man question: Sex, gender and violence in international relations.
  • Phillips, Sarah (2008): Yemen’s democracy experiment in regional perspective: Patronage and pluralized authoritarianism. New York
  • Phillips, Sarah (2011): Yemen and the politics of permanent crisis. Abingdon [u.a.]: Routledge.
  • Wedeen, Lisa (2008): Peripheral visions: Publics, power and performance in Yemen. Chicago [u.a.]: Univ. of Chicago Press.
  • Weir, Shelagh (2007): A tribal order: Politics and law in the mountains of Yemen. London: British Museum Press.
  • Wilford, Rick; Miller, Robert L. (Hg.) (2012): Women, ethnicity and nationalism: The politics of divided societies. London: Routledge.
  • Willis, John (2012): Unmaking North and South: Cartographies of the Yemeni Past, London: Hurst.
  • Yadav, Stacey Philbrick (2013): Islamists and the state: Legitimacy and institutions in Yemen and Lebanon. London [u.a.]: I.B. Tauris.